A photographic story

I’m blissful, so in love, so grounded and proud all my mahi paid off, being healthy, prepared, educated and connected. Our birth was spiritual, healing, hormonal, intense and full of ahua and wairua. I was visited by my tupuna, my Nana and my Nan both making themselves known and present to me. I left my logical brain, my most exercised muscle and let my tinana, my hormones, animal instinct take over and just went with it, getting into all sorts of positions and movements, sometimes just about pushing my partner over. At times I did come out of it but then I was gently guided back by our beautiful midwife. When it came to my final pushes I reached for my boys and held their hands tightly squeezing them, they held on. He was born into his papas hands under the water gently guided to his chest while I moved into position. We rested in the pool with my eyes locked on our boy, I look up at my birth support whanau, everyone quiet, looking on in amazement and admiration. My most proudest moment and no one and nothing can take this experience from me, it will remain with me when times get tuff as a parent, as a mama, in fearful and scary moments in the future, I am grounded, I am woman! Mana Wahine Toa

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