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Auckland Home Birth Association is an inclusive, non-profit, volunteer-led community organisation supporting individuals, whanau/families and health providers with support, information, meetings, resources, and birth pool hire.

International evidence shows birth at home is a safe and gentle way to welcome babies, where families can be involved and connected.
Home birth – it’s your choice!

Rose drinks a cup of 'Mother's Blessing' herbal tea while Willow breastfeeds.

I gave birth to my daughter in the framed pool, I loved the depth and space in the pool to enable me to move into positions that were comfortable. The top rails being solid were great to hold or rest on as I changed positions, highly recommend this pool


birth pool hire

Relaxing. Enjoyable. Satisfying.

Submersion in warm water has been shown to be a safe, relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying way to labour and birth. Hire is from 37 weeks pregnant until birth.

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Birth Stories

When empowered birth stories are shared, the strength, joy and wonder of birth can be experienced and celebrated. These stories have the power to be inspiring and life changing.
These are the shared stories of families from around the Auckland Region.

A Seven-armed sea star (Astrostole scabra) in a rock pool

A Sometimes Needed Reminder

Once upon a time, there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work. One…

A photographic story

I’m blissful, so in love, so grounded and proud all my mahi paid off, being healthy, prepared, educated and connected. Our birth was spiritual, healing, hormonal, intense and full of ahua and wairua. I was…

April 2015 lunar eclipse

Octavia’s birth

Octavia’s birth. (Or the coming of the blood moon baby lol, and why I chose a home birth) I had my first baby in 2012, back then the idea of having a baby in any…

Birth Story: Willow's Journey

Willow’s Journey

Birth space set up (just in case) This labour was so different from my last two. I was fully expecting the same pattern of nothing and then straight into active labour…

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