Herstory of N.Z. Homebirth Association


This Herstory of home birth in New Zealand is not only a record of struggles, it also to pays tribute to those, mainly women, who challenged a superior and well entrenched force. Original 1990s print.

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Authors / Contributors: Joan Donley, New Zealand Home Birth Association, Linda McKay, Elinor McEwen, Jackie Tyrrell, Marjet Pot
Published: 1992
Formats: Paperback
Language: English
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Product Description

The wonder of the home birth movement is that such a comparatively small group of busy parents managed to effect such major and fundamental changes in the maternity services in such a short space of time – first in the moderation of attitudes and practices of the health professionals and eventually in the status of midwives.

This Herstory is not only a record of this struggle, it is also to pay tribute to those, mainly women, who challenged a superior and well entrenched force. Amidst breast feeding babies, coping with toddlers, cooking meals, washing nappies they attended meetings and seminars, planned strategies, wrote letters and submission among the crumbs on the kitchen table, churned out newsletters on ancient gestetners, lobbied MPs and became a politically strong ‘vociferous minority’.

These are ORIGINAL print from the early 1990s (not reprints!) and as such may have minor imperfections that come with age. VERY limited numbers left.


  1. An Idea Whose Time Had Come
  2. Winds of Change
  3. New Zealand Homebirth Association is Born
  4. Selfish Mothers
  5. Hard Labour, Painful Transition Gentle Birth
  6. 1983 and All That
  7. Growth and Development
  8. Is a DM Worth Her Fee
  9. Consumer Action
  10. Accountability
  11. Biculturalism
  12. Conflict in Northland
  13. Rutherford was Born at Home
  14. Statistics 1974-1990
    Christchurch Home Birth Association
    Gisbourne Home Birth Association