Large Inflatable Birth Pool Liner

Single use, clear plastic liner suitable for the Birth Pool In A Box (BPIAB) REGULAR, La Bassine MAXI and similar large size oval birth pools.

  • 100% New Zealand made
  • Food grade LDPE plastic
  • “No nasties” – free from phthalates and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, etc.
  • Latex free

IMPORTANT!: Please ensure you purchase the correct size liner for your pool.

IMPORTANT: The warranty on BPIAB pools is only valid when used with BPIAB original liners. If still in the warranty period, use of this liner will void the warranty. These liners are just as good as BPIAB original liners and are in some ways superior (thicker plastic and they completely cover the outside of the pool) however Edel Immersys (who make BPIAB) have stipulated that their warranty is only valid when using their liners.

When fitting, centrally align bottom crease of liner ‘widthways’ across the centre of the pool. e.g. for BPIAB this will be in front of the seat, not over the seat.
When filling the pool, fill either with warm water or if not using a mixer (separate hot and cold) run cold water in first, followed by hot water, as the seal on the liner will weaken well before boiling point.

There is a $10 discount on a pool liner when purchasing with birth pool hire. If you are hiring a birth pool you do not need to add one of these liners to your order as it will be automatically added for you when you book the birth pool.

Midwives please contact the birth pool coordinator to order liners at a discounted rate.



NZ made, food grade, phthalates, lead & cadmium free single-use birth pool liner for Birth Pool In A Box REGULAR and similar large size birth pools.

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