Cancellation & Refunds

You can cancel at any time you need to. If you need to cancel, please do so ASAP so the booking is freed up for someone else.


100% refund if more than 7 days before pool hire is due to start.

$25 cancellation fee if 7 days or less before hire. This helps our organisation cover the cost of administration of the pool hire system.
This fee is waived for Community Services Card holders and anyone who needs extra financial help.

Unused Birth Pools

If you pick up the pool, no refund can be made unless you are experiencing financial hardship. In which case, please talk to the volunteer birth pool coordinator for help.

Unused Birth Pool Liners

Unused birth pool liners may be returned for a full refund so long as:

  • the liner has never been used;
  • has not been taken out of it’s original packaging at any time; and
  • the liner packaging is still sealed.
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