Birth Pool In A Box

mother-to-be prepares to deliver her baby in birth poolSubmersion in warm water has been shown to be a safe, relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying way to labour and birth.
Hire is from 37 weeks pregnant until birth.

Our inflatable birth pools come with a single-use birth pool liner, filling hose, air pump and tap adapters.

  • The refundable bond is $50.00.
  • The required single-use birth pool liner is $40.00.
  • While the tap adapters fit most taps, we cannot guarantee that the fittings will definitely connect to your tap.
  • The filling hose is for FILLING ONLY. You will need to provide your own emptying hose (garden hoses work) or bucket to empty the pool.
  • Pools unfortunately cannot be couriered and must be picked up and dropped back.
  • Pools must be cleaned (as per provided instructions) before being returned.
  • A discount is available to Community Services Card (CSC) holders. A payment plan can also be arranged (please contact the birth pool coordinator before booking).

For more information on what you need for a water birth at home, see the What you need for home water birth article.

Shape: Oval
External dimensions: 165cm long x 145cm wide
Internal dimensions: 114cm long x 94 cm wide x 66cm deep
Wall: 25cm inflated
Floor: 5cm thick inflated
Volume of water: 480L at 80% full

We get that reading lengthy contracts is annoying but it’s really important that you read all of it. If you don’t you could end up with a bill for $400 or more! Worse is that you could end up making someone or their baby sick. So please, please make sure you read ALL of this contract!

By hiring a birth pool from Auckland HomeBirth Community you agree that:

  1. You, the hirer, WILL INDEED read this ENTIRE contract carefully. You accept that failing to do so may result in cancellation of your hire or replacement of a pool AT YOUR EXPENSE (these pools can cost $400-$800+!)
  2. Auckland HomeBirth Community (AHBC) (also known as Auckland Home Birth Association or AHBA) owns the birth pool, hose, air pumps and any other accessories, equipment and incidentals supplied with the pool (except the single-use birth pool liner which is yours to keep).
  3. You will pay:
    1. The hire fee and bond which must be paid within 7 days of booking unless a prior arrangement has been made with the birth pool hire volunteer coordinator.
    2. Any cost associated with repair or replacement of the birth pool and accessories/equipment due to damage incurred during hire and/or whilst the pool and supplied accessories/equipment is in the your care/possession that is in excess of the bond (in which case the bond will not be refunded).
    3. Any cost associated with cleaning of the birth pool and accessories/equipment due to contamination during hire and/or whilst the pool and supplied accessories/equipment is in your care/possession or due to insufficient cleaning before returning the pool that is in excess of the bond (in which case the bond will not be refunded).
  4. It is important that the single-use birth pool liner is used at all times! This liner is yours to keep.
    1. If the single-use birth pool liner is not used, the bond will not be refunded (due to extra cleaning required) and any additional cleaning costs incurred must be paid by you (see 3.c.).
  5. The cost is $140.00 hire fee for the inflatable birth pools or $125.00 hire fee for the framed birth pool (including accessories/equipment), $50.00 refundable bond plus the cost of a single-use birth pool liner.
    1. No refund of the hire fee can be given if the pool is not used.
    2. There is a discount for Community Services cardholders. Please enquire.
  6. The bond, hire fee and single-use birth pool liner cost shall be paid to Auckland HomeBirth Community, bank account no. 38-9020-0477325-00.
    1. The Order Number must be used as the reference when making the deposit/transfer.
  7. The birth pool and supplied accessories/equipment will be collected from the birth pool coordinator by arrangement (see the Pool Pickup & Return tab).
  8. It is important that the supplied instructions on the use and care of the birth pool and accessories/equipment are followed at all times! Any and all people who use the pool or help with its use must also follow these instructions!
    1. Failure to follow instructions can cause damage to the pool and/or equipment and will result in loss of bond and additional cost if over and above the value of the bond (up to including the full cost of replacing the pool).
    2. It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone who handles the pool whether that’s setting the pool up, filling the pool or using it, reads the instructions! This includes partners, doulas, birth support people, family, friends, helpers, etc.
  9. The birth pool and supplied accessories/equipment (but not the single-use birth pool liner) will be returned to the pool hire volunteer coordinator ASAP and, at most, within 7 days after birth.
    1. AHBC reserves the right to request return of the birth pool and accessories/equipment sooner than 7 days after birth in times of high demand to ensure availability to others.
    2. The birth pool and all accessories/equipment supplied (except the single-use birth pool liner) MUST be well cleaned and well dried as according to the supplied cleaning instructions, and returned in the tidy manner in which they were collected. This is VERY IMPORTANT! If the pool is returned uncleaned, the bond cannot be refunded due to the extra costs required in cleaning.
    3. Upon return of the undamaged, cleaned and dried birth pool and accessories/equipment (but not the single-use birth pool liner) AHBC will refund the bond to your nominated bank account.
    4. If any contamination or damage has occurred where the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement is in excess of the bond, you will be liable pay the difference within a timely manner.
  10. Usage of the pool is at the sole discretion and responsibility of you, the hirer.
  11. Auckland HomeBirth Community is run by volunteers and as such, while the utmost care is taken, AHBC volunteers (including the birth pool hire volunteer coordinator) will not be held personally accountable for anything amiss with the birth pool and/or accessories/equipment. Should you find anything missing, dirty, damaged or amiss upon collection of the birth pool and accessories/equipment, you will contact the birth pool volunteer coordinator ASAP to discuss the situation.
  12. Auckland HomeBirth Community and its volunteers will maintain your privacy and confidentiality at all times.

  1. Make your booking here on the website or (only contact the pool hire volunteer coordinator at [email protected] if you have issues with the online booking system or do not have access to it)
  2. When making your booking, select your estimated due date (EDD) from the calendar. Your booking starts 3 weeks before your EDD – the hire system will automatically calculate three weeks before your EDD and this is what will be shown on your booking and invoice.
  3. Payment is expected within 7 days of making the booking, even if your hire does not start for several months. You may make special payment arrangements with the pool coordinator to pay later than this or divide the full amount up into several smaller payments. If you wish to do this, contact the pool hire volunteer coordinator before making a booking.
  4. Once we have received and confirmed your payment, you will receive a confirmation email.
  5. A week before your hire is due to start, you will receive an email reminder. Then is a good time to contact the pool hire coordinator to arrange pickup of your pool, although you can schedule pickup any time before your pool hire starts. Please note that pools cannot be picked up before your booking start date unless special arrangements are made and only if the pool is available early.
  6. The pool hire volunteer coordinator will make specific arrangements with you for a day, time and place for pool pickup. Also, see the “Pool Pickup & Return” for general information on the pool pickup and return locations (and days/times). IMPORTANT: Pool pickup must be arranged and confirmed by the pool hire volunteer coordinator BEFORE picking up the pool.
  7. You or the person picking up the pool for you will pick the pool up from the arranged location. Included will be the pool, single-use liner, filling hose, tap fittings, instructions and any necessary accessories such as air pump (for inflatable pools).
    You will also receive a copy of the pool instructions, hire contract and tips by email. Contact the pool hire volunteer coordinator if you do not receive this email.

    All people who handle the pool or will potentially handle the pool (e.g. people present at your birth) MUST read the pool instructions and pool hire contract!
  8. Once you have the pool, you and your birth partner(s) should do a trial run.  At a minimum, this should be erecting the pool to get a thorough understanding of how the pool is set up.
    The single-use birth pool liner MUST be used at all times!
    It is recommended that you also fill the pool to see how well your hot water cylinder or water heating method fills the pool. See also the Ten Steps To Success tips included in the email sent when the pool is picked up.
    Should you find any issues with the pool or equipment, contact the pool hire volunteer coordinator ASAP!
  9. Once you have birthed your baby, the pool should be cleaned, dried and packed up in the same tidy way you received it. This includes the filling hose and accessories. The single-use liner is not returned.
    You or the person in charge of returning the pool contacts the pool hire volunteer coordinator to arrange the return of the pool back to the pool hire coordinator.  Drop off MUST be confirmed by the pool coordinator BEFORE returning the pool. You must not drop off the pool to any of the locations without the pool hire coordinator confirming first!
  10. Once the pool is returned, the pool coordinator will inspect the pool and then either request bond refund if the pool is clean, tidy and undamaged or contact you should anything be amiss. When the bond refund is requested, the second bank signatory will authorise the bond refund. We try to do this as timely fashion as possible but as it requires two people to action, this can take up to 7 days. Once the refund has been actioned, it is usually refunded to your account within a working day. Some banks may take longer. If you do not receive your bond refund within 14 days of receiving the bond refund email, please contact the pool hire volunteer coordinator.

Pickup MUST be arranged with the Pool Hire Volunteer Coordinator BEFORE pickup (or return, if returning a birth pool).

COVID INFO: Pickup and return is from the contactless location at the front of the house.

Te Atatū Peninsula

Address: Address supplied upon pickup arrangement.

Days/times available for pickup and return:

  • Any day and time between 10:30am and 9:30pm. Outside of these times may be arranged under special circumstances.

DO NOT turn up to the Pool Hire Volunteer Coordinator’s house outside of the pre-arranged pickup or drop-off time! For your safety and that of others during lockdown, you MUST ONLY collect at the pre-arranged day and time!

COVID INFO: This location is not currently available for pickup


Address: Usually Robertson Road (exact location will be confirmed/supplied during arrangement).

Days/times available for pickup and return:

  • Every second weekend on Friday and Sunday at approximately 6:30pm. By prior arrangement only

Special arrangements may be made outside of these locations and days/times as members of the community may be able to drop off/pick up closer to your location. Please contact the pool hire/store coordinator to see if this is available.

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STOP! Have you read all the information on pool hire such as the Pool Contract, Hire Process and Pickup/Return? If not, please read ALL information before hiring!

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