Birth Pool In A Box MINI Liner

Original BPIAB single-use liner suitable for Birth Pool In A Box Mini size pools.

A disposable liner is essential from a hygiene perspective as it forms an effective barrier to both water and germs. The liner also acts as an additional container for the water in the pool and makes cleaning up simpler & quicker.

  • 0.20mm eco PVC
  • The liner incorporates a pocket for the cupholder and handles.
  • Meets EU regulations on maximum phthalate content. Free from cadmium, lead, and latex.

IMPORTANT: These liners are for personal use only and must not be used with a hire pool from Auckland HomeBirth Community. If hiring an AHBC pool, an appropriate liner will be added to your booking automatically.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you purchase the correct size liner for your pool. These liners are for Birth Pool In A Box (BPIAB) MINI size pools only and DO NOT fit BPIAB Regular size pools.


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